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The Capacity Development Providers’ Communities of Practice (CoPs) is established around organisations with a common interest in providing capacity development support to Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria. The purpose of the COP is to share information collaboratively, bridge knowledge gaps, improve skills and advance knowledge of Civil society operational environment and capacity development requirements, processes, and strategies.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision

To build a development-centered community of practice and enhance CSOs capacity for sustainable development.
Our Mission

Our Mission

To foster a world where CSOs have equal opportunities to contribute to sustainable development.

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The Capacity Development Providers’ Communities of Practice (CoPs) comprises of various academic, training, and government institutions with a culture built on professional networking, personal relationships, shared knowledge, and common skills.

The CoP enables capacity providers/trainers to exchange knowledge and skills with people across the CSO environment.

Who we are

The CoP is open and offers access to a wide range of expertise to help with technical challenges, fuel continuous improvement, and allows more meaningful contributions to the larger goals of the CSOs.

The CSOs benefit from rapid problem-solving and improved quality access to capacity development resources across multiple domains. This increases the overall outcome of CSOs’ contribution to development goals in Nigeria.

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To become a member and fully participate and get involved.

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Our Code of Conduct

To ensure the best experience and a welcoming environment, members are to abide by this code of conduct.

Community Interest

All materials and shared learning, contents, activities and trainings must add to the knowlege of the community and directly benefit members.


Members should be committed to promoting the community of practice and providing support to the Civil Society Organisations.


Members are expected to comport themselves and refrain from intimidating and derogatory behaviour towards each other.

Use of Language

Use of abusive and offensive language is strictly prohibited.

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